Going live on Instagram is now more conversational than ever before. Live rooms take Instagram Lives to the next level by allowing four people to go live at once, as opposed to only two, which means discussions can now be significantly more interactive. Also, let’s not forget to mention that the increase in speakers notifies increasingly more users about the discussion, thus creating a larger audience for each live session.

Pssst… we’ve even heard whispers about moderator badges coming to Instagram

This updated feature is meant to drive industry professionals and leaders to connect and host broadcasts, talk shows, and interviews on Instagram as opposed to other conversation-based apps like Clubhouse. We can expect to see medical professionals connecting right on Instagram Lives with each other to share knowledge and opinions on trending topics to their audiences.

Instagram Live Rooms sound a lot like Clubhouse rooms, and this is no coincidence. This is also not the first time that a new Instagram feature sounds and performs similarly to other social apps. Think about it:

Snapchat introduces stories → Instagram introduces stories

TikTok becomes popular → Instagram releases reels

Clubhouse promotes the power of your voice → Instagram updates “Instagram Live” to allow for more conversation

Ever since reaching its popularity peak, Instagram has been playing catch up with competing social apps. Instead of bringing new features to the table, Instagram is monitoring social trends on other platforms and molding them to work within its own app.

Does that mean Instagram is devaluing itself? Should we not be using Instagram if other apps are already providing these features?

The bottom line is that Instagram is a powerhouse, and it’s not going anywhere. If anything, Instagram is offering all of the features of all of the competing platforms on a singular app, making it so that we can access them all from one place. Isn’t that convenient?

The question now is whether or not Instagram will consider implementing completely audio-based features. It has already taken the first step toward becoming conversation-based by featuring Live Rooms, and there could be other updates in the works right now.

More and more people are learning the power of their voice, and valuing that more than their appearance. With Clubhouse on the rise and apps like Stereo closely behind, could social media become appearance-free?

Could Instagram become appearance-free?

We’re pretty sure Instagram isn’t ready to part with its aesthetically focused features just yet. Only time will tell if Instagram is truly up for the challenge of staying relevant.