We can’t predict the future and life these days is full of the unexpected, but we can take a guess at where the latest social platform is headed. It will be the biggest social media platform we have seen since Instagram.

We’re not going to lie, the existing social sites should be nervous. Linkedin has a new competitor in networking. Clubhouse discussions replace the threads of 240 character tweets on Twitter, and the live audio listening requires less bandwidth than Instagram Live. Long-standing podcasts might be given a run for their money.

You can thank Covid for the next biggest social media platform. We would not be able to understand the possibilities of greatness with our previous mindset and social standards.

Otherwise, it would have strung out investors for a few years before it tanked. This could be the fastest-growing investment that social media has seen in years. This is not to take anything away from Clubhouse… but sometimes you get lucky. Someone else, in this case, a virus, paved their path.

Let us remind you that when it started nine months ago, Clubhouse was valued at $100 million and is now valued at $1 billion. A $900 million increase in value must mean something.

With the application still in its beta phase, we have some predictions for Clubhouse.

Paid Entry Locked Rooms and Clubs

Clubhouse is currently an invite-only audio application. Once the app is open to the rest of us, they will likely want to maintain a level of exclusivity. Locked rooms and clubs have already begun to take shape to accomplish this.

We predict that certain rooms will remain locked to the public, available only with paid entry. The only way to enter is by paying a small fee to the specific club or rooms’ moderators.

A well-known physician might talk about his latest research findings or the newest treatment with a private group of medical professionals. Comedians can host specials, bookstores or authors can host book clubs, and wellness professionals can guide meditation sessions.

Companies like ours, 42 Growth Strategies, can host multi-week social media educational sessions. (Hint, hint. Stay tuned.)

Conferences and Trade Shows

Last year, everything became virtual. Interviews, meetings, and presentations have all moved to the screen. It turns out that that meeting you always hated attending could indeed have been an email. Virtual meetings have made it easy for workers in almost every industry to tune in from anywhere.

We see national conferences and trade shows making the move online to Clubhouse. This allows for more attendees from around the world to be in the same room at the same time. It also allows smaller brands and businesses to take part in major conferences.

There are no costs for airfare or lodging. There’s no more flying to California for a health and fitness conference that ends up costing thousands of dollars or a showcase that takes time and endless logistics. Instead, we’ll be registering and receiving a password for the locked conference or event hosted on Clubhouse.

With today’s technology and the necessity to work from home, there is no better way to stay connected and informed.

Verified Users and Compensation

You’ve seen them on other social media platforms, those little blue checks. We can expect to see them on Clubhouse once the app is opened to us common folk.

They distinguish who is a leader and an influencer within the app. Sure, there is value in connecting with other listeners who are just like you and me, but then there are those with elite status and a wealth of knowledge.

We expect that these verified influencers will receive payment from the Clubhouse Creators Fund for the thoughts they bring to the table. Influencers will be asked to speak in rooms and be brought in by companies as key-note speakers, but they will also be paid by Clubhouse for their value.

Similar to Youtube or TikTok, individuals with a certain amount of followers and listeners will be compensated by the platform. Build your following and aim for that elite, verified status.

What name would look better next to that blue check than yours?

Accessibility Changes

Clubhouse has been criticized for its lack of accessibility for those who are hearing impaired or do not speak English. In the near future we could expect to see an addition to the platform where the conversations occurring are converted in real time to text for those who can’t see.

Not only will this make it more accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing but it will also break down language barriers so that more people around the world can join the conversation.

So once Clubhouse opens itself to the public, we have a lot to look forward to. Not only the opportunity to build and connect our businesses, but to establish ourselves as thought leaders in our industries.