Now that you know about the latest social audio platform, Clubhouse, you’re probably wondering how it can benefit you and your business.

If this is your first time hearing about Clubhouse, check out our last blog which gives an overview of the invite-only, audio application. It’s the hottest social media platform that has yet to take center stage.

This is not a completely new format for communication. Think of Clubhouse as a party line. In the good ‘ole days of party lines you’d pick up the phone to hear individuals already having a conversation. Now imagine if you picked up the phone to hear individuals talking about your industry. You could listen in and if you wanted to join in on their conversation you could.

That is Clubhouse.

There are three main benefits that Clubhouse brings to users: networking, education, and community.

1. Networking

Once you gain entry to the platform, your opportunities for networking and building are endless. There it is, that business buzzword: networking.

You can follow and tap into the conversations of industry leaders, all the while making genuinely authentic connections with other listeners. These could be individuals whom you would never have networked with otherwise.

When you enter a ‘room’ to listen in on a conversation, you can view who else is in the audience. Likewise, when you enter a ‘room’ the current listeners receive a notification that someone has joined in on the call. With Clubhouse, you can network simply by entering the room.

The leader of the conversation could be an elite in the industry, and an audience member virtually sitting to your left could be your next business connection or partner.

Once inside the room, you can raise your hand to ask questions. The moderators of the room control the mic and pick who has the power of voice. They can even invite you on stage or you can raise your hand to speak to add value to the conversation or to ask an insightful question.

Asking questions and being invited on stage gets more eyes on your profile and more connections with possible clients and partners. It’s like being invited up as a speaker on a panel at a conference: you are building your network and platform for your business.

Aren’t those the best kind of networking connections? There it is again, that business buzzword: networking.

2. Education

Each room and conversation is an opportunity for learning. Learn from the best in the industry and from other small business owners.

Those in the fitness world can listen to professional athletes and coaches about the latest or most successful training programs or challenges they have faced. Individuals can also learn about nutrition and exercise from the fitness professional.

You can listen in on conversations between medical and wellness professionals to learn what problems and conditions their patient’s frequently face, the latest in medical breakthroughs, and research reviews and discussions.

As a small business owner, start-up company, entrepreneur or student, you can learn from social media educators who specialize in the social media marketing industry. Follow some of our 42 Growth Strategies social media educators Andree Aloise and Stephen Bienko on Clubhouse.

This could be an opportunity to hear or even share the success stories of individuals who have turned their lives around with the help of new therapies and practices.

Whatever your industry, the education in Clubhouse is limitless.

3. Community

In these social times, it can be hard to foster a sense of community. With Clubhouse, each room is a community. A community of people with similar interests, mindsets, and goals. Like all social media platforms, there are niches. Follow, connect with, and listen to social media marketing professionals, physicians, fitness instructors, athletes, and artists.

Unlike podcasts, which have become a popular avenue for audio content, there is no wall between the speaker and the listener. This is a real time conversation between all parties.

By listening to conversations and hosting rooms with Clubhouse, you can build your online presence without having to constantly create content and engage with followers.

We have three recommendations for business owners looking to use Clubhouse:

(1) Network not only with the speakers, but with others in the room. Make sure to take your conversations online, and don’t be afraid to direct message them to seal the deal.

(2) Listen to industry leaders and other business owners to gain insight.

(3) Host rooms and build your own community on Clubhouse.

A Clubhouse room takes only minutes to prepare and seconds to join. With that said...

Who are you inviting to the club?