There are no instructions for life, but we thought we’d make some for Clubhouse. It’s the latest social platform and while we are still learning as we go along, here are 10 steps to get you started in the app:

Step 1: Find Someone that can give you an invite. Clubhouse is the hottest and most exclusive platform. You still need an invite to join The Club, so ask your connections if they are on Clubhouse and have an invite available. Joining The Club now will allow you to establish yourself before the platform opens up to the public. It’s the equivalent of getting on Instagram 10 years ago before it took off. Now’s the time.

Step 2: Create your account. When setting up your account be sure to link your Instagram and Twitter accounts to your Clubhouse bio. With no in-club messaging system, Instagram DMs are the main way people take their conversations offline. Additionally, Clubhouse users can learn more about you and your brand when they look at your Instagram and other social media profiles.

Step 3: Write your clubhouse bio. In your bio, you need to include your industry, your skills, and any awards or accolades. You should also include your passions and goals for what you want to be and do in the future. Include additional contact info such as email and LinkedIn, for those who do not wish to use Instagram DMs. Check out our full blog on how to maximize your clubhouse bio for more information and structure examples!

Step 4: Hit the magnifying glass to start searching. Look for industries and individuals that might interest you and add value to your brand. Additionally, by having your interests filled out when setting up your account, the Clubhouse algorithm will know exactly what and who you are looking for.

Step 5: Join a “Clubhouse for New Members” room. With new members joining The Club each day, you can always find a room that discusses the ins and outs of Clubhouse. These rooms are moderated by those who have been on the platform from the start and are designed to educate and inform new members. It’s a great way to learn the format and ease your way into the platform.

Step 6: Spend a day or two listening to understand the culture and functions of Clubhouse. Listening is the best way to learn. Join different rooms that interest you, get a feel for the room. If you don’t like the topic or how the conversation is being held, LEAVE THE ROOM (hit that peace sign to leave quietly). There are hundreds of rooms and conversations taking place at all hours of the day and night around the world. There is something for everyone.

Step 7: Get on stage to ask a question or add insight. After you have listened in on enough conversations, you’ll learn to have the courage to speak. Click on the “raise hand” button to let the speakers or moderators know you want to talk. When you get on stage introduce yourself by sharing your name and that you are new to the app. Follow this up with your question or value that you want to contribute. DO NOT PITCH YOUR BUSINESS (unless it’s a pitch room). There’s a time and place for pitching and as you spend more time in rooms you’ll learn when and where to do it. (Hint: leave the pitching to when you’re on the mound.)

Step 8: Connect with people offline. When you really enjoy a conversation and are interested to learn more about someone or make a greater connection, send them a direct message on Instagram! You can even use the voice recording feature in the messaging channel as this is becoming extremely popular. Individuals are realizing the value of audio conversation. (People have been doing this for years in WhatsApp conversations.)

Step 9: Moderate your own room. Think of a topic in your industry or something you are passionate about and speak on it. Before you moderate, you can connect with others who have moderated rooms and gain insight on the best way to conduct a room and/or invite them to co-host. Schedule your room ahead of time and promote it on other social media channels. Let people know that you are on Clubhouse and how they can find you. (Tip: Post that you are going live on Clubhouse on your IG story and post the link to the room in your bio!)

Step 10: Consider creating your own clubhouse Club. After you have moderated three of your own weekly rooms, it may be time to create your own club to further engage with your community. Check out the details on Clubhouse’s FAQ to learn more.

Welcome to The Club!