Welcome to Clubhouse where your appearance does not matter and your voice does.

Social media revolves around photos, videos, captions, messages, followers, likeability, popularity, and the list goes on. On screens 6’’ to 27’’ wide and everywhere in between, we observe social media to be a visual, virtual, and vital communication tool that inhabits our way of life and business.

But what if we told you the social media game is about to change. What if we told you it is already changing?

Just as Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt, we’ve reached the day “when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” With Clubhouse, people are judged by the words they speak and the value they can add to a discussion.

Brace yourselves, because what we’re about to share with you is a whole new kind of social media experience, one that emphasizes how social social media can really be.

Enter Clubhouse, a social media platform structured for live audio sharing.

Bringing podcasts to life, the app breaks down the metaphorical wall between speaker and listener and invites collaboration between the two.

It’s not about how many followers you have or how impressive your hair looks in your most recent post, it’s about the value you add to the conversations happening in your industry. There are live chat rooms, unlimited topics and conversations within them, and opportunities to engage with the speakers.

Instead of flying three hours, steaming your finest clothes, and booking a hotel room, you can now hop in your car and check Clubhouse’s most recent notifications to tune into valuable conversations on your way to the grocery store (since you’re working from home anyway).

You can join a room anytime, anywhere. Listen to industry leaders worldwide, large and small business owners and motivational speakers by simply joining a conversation through the app that you otherwise wouldn’t have even heard was happening.

Not only can you listen in on the conversations happening among industry leaders, but you can also connect with them to expand your network and build your community.

Let us emphasize that this currently is an exclusive app in beta. The only way to join Clubhouse is through an invitation from someone already using it. Upon acceptance into the platform, use your one invite wisely on someone who will add value to conversations in your industry and recognize that you too were invited onto the app for a reason. In order to get more invites, you have to be more active on the app, whether that’s joining more rooms, starting your own, or building your follower and following count.

Currently there are 600,000 users creating rooms, inviting speakers, and chatting away. From financial discussions, to cooking tips, to social media, the amount of topics are unlimited and just a click away. Every user has the power to start a conversation: share your opinions, add your value, build your community.

Keep in mind, these are live chat rooms. Once the room closes, the conversation is gone forever. Nothing is recorded, and nothing leaves the app.

With an estimated value of $100 million in early January and a current value of $1 billion, a $900 million jump in a matter of weeks, it is no wonder that Clubhouse is becoming the new social hot spot that entrepreneurs and business elites are hoping to get invited into.

As the club moves from private to public, there might even be room for us common folk to join and shape the way the app eventually performs.