What it Means to be a Social Community Manager

Social media is about so much more than how many followers double tap likes for the posts that you put together, it’s about creating a community for those followers to be a part of your brand and buy into the business.

The best part of social media is that you have AT YOUR FINGERTIPS the opportunity to reach your target audience 24/7 without changing out of your sweats and into business-casual attire (or anything fancier, for that matter).

Online, consumers are excited to be a part of your brand -- they are no longer just wearing your logo, they’re embracing it.

Social Community Managers understand the difference between having a ton of meaningless followers and creating an online community of engaged members, which is why their role is crucial to a growing business. In fact, they take the social media game one step further than social media managers do.

What are social media managers? Isn’t that the same title as a community manager?

We’re so glad you asked.

Social media managers and social community managers are two very different roles. While they both focus on producing content, driving follower count, getting likes, and creating beautiful graphics for your social media accounts, social community managers take it one step further.

Social community managers understand that the content they’re producing, the follower count they’re driving, the likes they’re getting, and the graphics they’re creating are all based on what the community is looking for. The strategy is no longer maintaining a presence for the sake of being online, it’s about isolating what is going to appeal to the online community you are targeting and what their needs are.

Social community managers produce purposeful followers, and create a loyal followship from a community of individuals that value the identity of your brand.

Here at 42, this is what we strive to do as social community managers. We make sure that your business’s online presence isn’t just there for the sake of telling your existing customers that you have an online presence. We make sure that your existing customers already know of your online presence, new customers are joining your movement, and ALL are taking part in your online brand identity.