Seek out mentors and pursue opportunities with leaders you can learn from. We ALL have things to learn, and we ALL need mentors. What's the benefit?⁠

1. They can be your sounding board.

Need someone to bounce your crazy ideas off of? A mentor is there to listen, and to also be a realist -- because they'll probably have a pulse on which ideas can turn into a vision, and which are better left as... ideas. ⁠

2. They have connections.

Of course, you need to bring VALUE to the table, but if you do? Then your mentor(s) will be more than willing to connect you with opportunities and open doors to entirely new networks.⁠

3. They'll give it to you straight.

If they think you're slacking, they'll let you know. If they think you're doing great, they'll let you know. If they think you're wasting your time, or if they think you aren't pushing yourself to your potential... they'll let you know.⁠

4. Odds are, they were just like you one day.

They know the experiences that they went through to get where they are, and this includes the mistakes they made. They have the blueprint to help you reach where they have reached... and BEYOND!⁠

5. They will help you boost your personal and professional growth.

They will help you set your own goals, and coach you to grow into who YOU are meant to be... not another version of themselves. A good mentor is not mentoring for the purpose of creating a duplicate of themselves, but rather enabling and encouraging another person with potential to grow into who they believe they can be!⁠