As former athletes who have also worked in professional sports, our founders love using the sports marketing "BUTTS-IN-SEATS" analogy when discussing the importance of building a true community and audience on social media.⁠

Sports marketing is actually very simple at its core: the ultimate goal is to come up with creative ways to put butts in the seats (aka; sell tickets!!!). Sports marketing is all about creating hype, piquing interest, and uniting individual people around one common factor, creating a loyal audience and maintaining that audience as a fan base.⁠

We apply this exact same principle to our clients' social media growth. We are firm believers in the need to organically build a brand from the ground up using true, purpose-driven engagement tactics. Our goal is to put butts in YOUR seats. Our goal is to socially engage in order to pique interest and unite your target demographic as the audience that becomes your fan base (aka followers).⁠

⁠We pose this question all the time: What good are 10k followers if they were (as they often are) purchased or accumulated in an unethical manner, or if they are not actually engaged in the brand? If you ask us, a brand with 1000 truly engaged followers will beat a brand with 10k "fake" followers in the long run. The brand with 1000 truly engaged followers is the brand with a true community, and this community effect (or fanbase) has MUCH higher opportunity to compound and become widespread than a brand with an inflated follower count and minimal engaged followers or community.⁠

The greatest brands, just like the greatest professional sports teams, find a way to reach individuals beyond the surface level. When it comes to social media, finding these ways to reach individuals can be very daunting. We get it: it can be incredibly time-consuming, confusing, and strategic. That's what we're here for! Let's PUT. BUTTS. IN. SEATS!