Why the Long-Ball-Strategy?

Creating marketing content and getting it in the sphere of distribution channels can be like a middle school basketball tryout….complete chaos. When social marketing is delivered by the second and leading brands control the online gateways, it is difficult to stay relevant with real-time agendas. Your consumer chit-chat changes second by second which makes it difficult for you to see past the current trending marketplace. However, your brand is dependent on your consistent stream of content distribution and high-quality material.

It takes persistent training to hit that long ball when the game is on the line.

The open marketing world we live in is a strategic race to satisfy the taste buds of your internal team and the potential consumers you are marketing to. Is it possible to stay composed when the crowd is yelling and trying to predict what your results will be? With patience, persistence and a planned foundation, it is possible.

Building a foundation in the “off-season” is the best strategy to create a balanced destiny for your business marketing goals. As your foundation is being built and you are head down, you must remain flexible in order to chase down any new opportunity or the latest trend. You can no longer stick to your narrow funnel and be unaware of how the game evolves with every new player that enters.

Your creative foundation is plan A and can keep you moving in the right direction. But as “Iron” Mike Tyson once said, ”everyone has a Plan A until they get punched in the mouth”. Your foundation is there to keep you balanced even when a curveball is thrown or a there is a delay of a product or photoshoot. Your strong base and training will keep you intact.

A Long-Ball-Strategy is your control over the changing landscape in the exponential growth market we live in. The game and players are always changing but your end goal remains the same. TO SCORE!