Looking for an innovative way to expand your business on social media? Find out how IGTV Ads can assist with your advertising needs.

The Reach of Mobile Video and IGTV

In today’s mobile-driven society, many businesses have ditched traditional advertising techniques so they can focus on their social media image. In an era where radio and TV are becoming increasingly obsolete, you can find anything you’re looking for in the click of a mouse. Or in the palm of your hand, for that matter. At 42 Growth we recognize the convenience of social media platforms, such as Instagram and their role in providing businesses with accessible platforms. But we also understand that the convenience of technology makes the business world that much more competitive.

Did you know that of 1 billion active Instagram accounts worldwide, 90 percent of these accounts follow a business on Instagram? Initially, Insta users could post a 30 second Insta story that has a lifespan of 24 hours. But after learning that mobile video content accounts for 78% of all mobile traffic, Instagram evolved in 2018 and has since allowed users to publish long-form IGTV videos. Instagram’s platform has given businesses and influencers like renowned pharmacist, Dr. Kim a way to establish a more intimate relationship with broader audiences through IGTV.

So What Are IGTV Ads?

This past week, major news hit the headlines as Instagram announced that it would be introducing the launch of its revolutionary IGTV Ads feature. What this means, is that businesses and creators can actually monetize their video content. Following the success of “Shopping from Creators”, which allows users to purchase from feed posts and stories, this newest addition will give users the opportunity to purchase from ads that appear while watching IGTV videos.

According to Insta, the 15-second ads will appear only when the user clicks an IGTV video from the preview button in their newsfeed. Both the short duration and vertical format of the ad will allow for optimal viewing on mobile devices. In other words, you won’t have to rotate your phone like you would to watch Youtube in fullscreen.

While platforms like Youtube are saturated with an abundance of video content, Insta’s IGTV creates an optimal virtual space for your advertisements. Unlike Insta or Snapchat stories, IGTV videos have the potential to appeal to audiences with more sophisticated tastes as they aim to inform and educate viewers about a certain brand and philosophy.

How will I qualify for IGTV Ads?

Like Facebook’s content monetization policies, it is expected that IGTV content should:

  • Be authentic and not clickbait

  • Be original (sources must be given credit)

  • Avoid giving misinformation e.g. medical advice

  • Not be sexual or violent, use profanity or suggestive language

  • Not be discriminatory and avoid discussing content about debatable topics e.g. social issues and politics

If you fulfill the above conditions, you’ll most likely qualify to post IGTV content. Once your content acquires a substantial audience, you’ll start to attract advertisers and make money from IGTV ads. By introducing available income to businesses and creators through ads, Instagram hopes to facilitate high-quality content on its platform.

In the coming weeks, ads from big-name brands, such as IKEA and Puma will begin to pop up in the US. Instagram revealed this week that it plans to expand globally and will be testing options, such as the ability to “skip ads” to ensure pleasant viewer experiences. With the projected success of IGTV Ads, Instagram will allow creators and businesses to continue to share their products and philosophies while benefiting from the monetization of their ads in the very near future.