Forget about investing in a highway billboard in the hopes of attracting drivers’ attention toward your business. Instead, invest in your voice.

Clubhouse allows the person behind the highway billboard to be revealed, letting industry leaders, business people, and entrepreneurs alike authentically communicate their brand’s voice to potential consumers and partners. By doing so, people can identify the business on a more personal level. This allows for businesspeople to prove the value that they, the individuals behind the business, bring to the table, create long term investments with clients, and build their brand’s identity.

Over 2 million people are already taking advantage of their voice on Clubhouse. Let’s take a look at the other ways they are going to monetize it.

Networking with Clients

Clubhouse is networking on steroids. Built as a platform for collaborative conversations to take place, it has become a platform for networking with industry leaders you otherwise would never get the chance to connect with.

When you walk into a room, all eyes are on your and your profile. This is the first step toward creating valuable business connections on Clubhouse. Here’s where it gets exciting:

Instead of traveling thousands of miles for days at a time to connect with other individuals in your industry, you’re transporting yourself into multiple networking opportunities in seconds on Clubhouse.

This is where you can voice the story behind your business. They become invested in your story, invested in your voice, and eventually, they become fans of your brand. This happens when the connection is actually authentic and appropriate.

Do not try to sell, but work to build authentic connections. Let us say it again, do NOT sell.

Influencers and Brands

Just as we’ve seen on other social media platforms, influencers and brands are going to play a role in monetization on Clubhouse whether we like it or not. Right now, there are two ways people and businesses are going to utilize this tool: (1) paying influencers to join specific rooms and (2) paying them to speak about a product or business in their rooms.

With Clubhouse’s new funding they will be implementing a “Creator Grant Fund” that Clubhouse influencers can expect to be paid from. At this point it’s not completely clear how this will play out but they have released limited information about tipping, tickets, and subscriptions.

“I see Dr. Oz has joined the room…”

On Clubhouse, influencers could be paid to join a room to add value to it. A room hosted by a small business owner can only reach a certain audience on its own, but with the help of an influencer, that reach increases exponentially, and so does the value of the room.

For example, a psychologist could start a room to discuss physical and emotional health in America, and could pay Dr. Oz to join the conversation. The notification that Dr. Oz has just joined a room will alert countless people to tune into that room and that discussion.

A room hosted by a personal fitness trainer could pay Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to join the discussion on making life-changing decisions on health and fitness. Not only does “The Rock” add audience members to the discussion, but he adds value to the conversation and helps the fitness trainer circle back to how his knowledge can help people make these health and fitness decisions the healthy way.

“This room is brought to you by…”

We are predicting this is going to run similarly to sponsorships on podcasts where hosts have lengthy introductions or breaks during longer programs that mention brands or products sponsoring the episode.

When the influencer starts a room and their followers on Clubhouse get notified, the audience will immediately grow in numbers. Now that the room is set up, the influencer will make sure to strategically mention the brand or product several times throughout the conversation, and promote it on their profile as well.

  • A holistic wellness influencer could talk about a high-quality essential oil company throughout the duration of the room.

  • Outdoors enthusiast Bear Grylls could talk about his go-to hiking bag for an audience planning their next hiking trip.

  • Fitness instructors talking about the best and worst proteins for building muscle could mention a must-have pre-workout that boosts energy levels and athletic performance.

Clubhouse is far more than a live audio sharing app; it is reaching newfound potential for industry leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike. Build strength in your voice, and recognize that the endless advantages for your business on Clubhouse is only a spoken sentence away.