Clubhouse is disrupting the way we use social media as more users are empowered by their voice. Not only are users learning to find their voice, but they’re figuring out what kind of value they add to conversations and learning to use that to convey their mission.

Especially in a Clubhouse room with hundreds of people, speakers are learning to be clear and concise with their contributions to allow for as many people to share their thoughts. So not only are individuals on Clubhouse utilizing the power of their voice, but they are also becoming more efficient in doing so.

Would you rather speak in front of hundreds of people in a lecture hall while sweating through a freshly pressed suit or sit in the comfort of your home with a cup of tea in your favorite mug at your side and participate freely in conversations?

In fact, users are getting so comfortable, concise, and confident with the power of their voices that, when the Clubhouse room closes and the networking begins, they prefer sending voice messages over DMs, a.k.a. the new communication trend.

Voice messages allow for more emotions to be conveyed than emojis, punctuation, and capitalization. These messages are more than just for everyday conversations, but for dramatic storytelling and news updates, and are especially useful when networking.

Remember when Instagram introduced stories and we all thought it was the strangest addition to the app? How about when Snapchat introduced a discovery tab?

At first, we may view these additions as unconventional, but eventually they become the norm. So now that audio-based conversations are the new texting, get ahead of the curve and start using them.

Outside of the U.S., sending voice messages is already more popular than texting, especially on Whatsapp. Now that people are understanding the power of their voice, voice messages are populating not just on Whatsapp but on all of social media, and are becoming very popular throughout the U.S. Since most Clubhouse connections are through Instagram direct messaging, Instagram is becoming a leading platform for audio-based messages.

It’s a little weird because we aren’t used to it, not because it doesn’t work.

It is undoubtable that emotion gets lost in translation in texting, and when making business connections off of Clubhouse, the right message is key.

Be a leader as the trend continues and utilize voice messages to network on social media.