When you enter rooms, your bio will do the talking for you.

Having a well thought out bio on Clubhouse is the key to networking on Clubhouse. Since this is a fully audio-focused app, the only way for users to get to know who you are and what you’re all about is through the profile you set up for yourself. Instead of spending time pitching your portfolio in a room, set up your bio to introduce yourself organically. Make sure that you use your speaking time to further the conversation as opposed to taking away from the conversation to introduce yourself. The more professionally built your bio is, the better you present yourself to fellow Clubhouse users.


Here’s what you need to know about building a successful Clubhouse bio:

General Tips

☑️ Use lists, emojis, and spacing to make your bio digestible. These allow for your bio to be long enough so a person can understand what you do and who you are without being too dense that people won't read it.

☑️ Include your Instagram profile in your bio for people to get to know you even better. Most connections found on Clubhouse are secured through Instagram direct messages, so this is an important component for a successful bio.

☑️Choose a strong profile photo where you can see your face well. Try adding a plain background or a colored circle around your photo to make your profile photo stand out in rooms!

FIRST 3 LINES of your bio on Clubhouse are the preview of what people can see. Make the right impression by making these lines count.

  • The first lines function like SEO words: add your skills, interests, and value.

✅ Social Media Marketing Strategist | Social Media Educator & Manager | Creator | Entrepreneurship | Health & Wellness | Psychology & Neuroscience

❌ I am a social media marketing strategist who specializes in health and wellness, psychology and neuroscience. I am a digital creator, educator and manager, and consider myself an entrepreneur in the industry

(Let’s be honest, you probably didn’t want to finish reading that second bio...)

  • In the first lines include any big titles, awards or experiences.

✅ CEO of Business-R-Us

✅ Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017

✅ 10 years of marketing experience with Hasbro

Your bio reflects your business and the value you add to the industry. The better you present this information, the more professional your profile will be. Users will consider you a professional, credible, and valuable individual to follow on Clubhouse when you have a strong bio.

  • Include what industry you’re in, and include information about your ventures as a small business owner, startup founder, or entrepreneur.

✅ Social Media Marketing at @42growth in Health & Wellness, Food, Medical, & Sports industries

❌ I have professional experience in social media marketing for health & wellness, food, medical, and sports industries. My most recent and most impressive work is with 42growth.

  • OPTIONAL: include your business intensions

✅ Passionate about helping small business, startups, & self made entrepreneurs build their businesses through social media by:

➡️ Establishing Brand Voice

➡️ Building Brand Awareness

➡️ Creating Community

  • OPTIONAL: If you are established in your industry, include awards, accolades, and accomplishments in your bio to build your credibility.

CALL TO ACTION invites Clubhouse users to connect with you on other platforms. You want to make sure to be direct as well as inviting, and here’s how to do it:

🔗 Connect with me on LinkedIn to read the latest trends in social media!

🔗 Tune into my IG lives for educational content about social media marketing!

🔗 Check out my website for tips and tricks to mastering your online presence!

Make sure to include other points of contact and platforms you feel comfortable sharing such as email or website.

REMINDER - connect your instagram for people to get to know you even better.

A PASSION & INTEREST SECTION lets you add a personal twist to your professional bio. Here you want to include what your passions and interests are both professionally and personally.

✅ Passions & Interests:

▪️Social Media Marketing

▪️Brand Voice Development


▪️Health & Wellness

❌ My passions and interests include social media marketing, brand voice development, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness.

Remember that your bio should be long enough so people can understand what you do without being too long that people won’t read it.


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Check out other individual’s bios in your industry to see what you may want to adopt to put in your own. When you enter a room, your bio does the talking for you. So build a professional and inviting bio today, and see the positive influence it has on your Clubhouse presence tomorrow.