At 42 Growth, we honor #42, a jersey number that will forever be retired from the #1 sport in America’. #42 was the first professional number in any sport to have this honor, but no number will ever be enough to truly capture the legacy of Jackie Robinson.

We all know that Jackie Robinson was more than just a baseball player. He brought inspiration to the world around the sport of baseball, and his actions forever impacted the America that we live in today. One man stood up and sent the barriers around him crashing down. One man made himself a leader — and led the way to the much needed growth of a nation. To this day, Jackie Robinson’s legacy continues to empower youth athletes, students, and adults across the country to overcome barriers, and his story inspires us all to step up and empower others.

At 42 Growth Strategies we honor Jackie everyday, we aim to work with a curated selection of visionary founders who truly have a passion for their industry and enjoy empowering others to benefit their communities. Our foundation is built on our belief in leadership-based culture, and we pride ourselves in our strategy to develop the leadership of each brand we work with in order to create long-term business growth. When Jackie Robinson stepped on the field to play his first MLB game 72 years ago, he did so much more than just play a baseball game. He initiated the long-term growth of a country that desperately needed his leadership. His leadership changed the America that we now live in for the better — and has inspired generations after him to continue to keep his legacy and build a better, stronger, and more united America.

Thank you, Jackie Robinson.