Communications & PR Director

Emily is a Mercyhurst University Graduate, where she was an NCAA Division I ice hockey player & team captain. During her time at Mercyhurst, she was named All-CHA and was CHA Player of the Year (in other words, she’s pretty legit), and we like to call her our Team Captain!


Emily has assisted in the growth of grassroots sporting programs from the ground up, and brings a wealth of insight and experience in leadership, management and strategic communications to the 42 team.

As a professional ice hockey player, she's been exposed to a variety of cities, countries and cultures, which has allowed her to continuously grow her team skills and expand her perspective. As a youth ice hockey ambassador, she's assisted in the growth of programs from the ground up and has a ton of experience in management, strategic communication, and customer service. She continues to grow the game of hockey and is an advocate for female sports in different cities around the country. 

Emily is also a Certified Nutrition Consultant, so working with our clients -- whether they be in the fitness, sports, wellness, health food or medical industry -- is right up her alley. She's also a 19U hockey head coach, college advisor and mentor, so it's safe to say that she can manage her time like no other!⁠